Kanela aims to be an active corporate citizen by making contributions to strengthen the health, social, educational, and cultural fabric of the Chicago community.  Kanela recognizes the importance of many social causes, but we feel by focusing our contributions, our impact will be greater. Since 2010, when Kanela first opened, our giving has been directed toward mitigating hunger within the Greater Chicago Area.

Kanela’s events team will review ALL contribution requests.  Our decision to contribute will be based on the impact the donation will have on the community and how well Kanela identifies with the effort or cause. The following questions will be asked to help us make an informed decision:

1.     Is your organization or event a non-profit or charitable cause?

2.     Please describe the mission statement and goals of your charity event or non-profit organization. 

3.     How will our contribution positively impact the Chicago community?

Thank you for filling out our Community Giving request form.  This form will help us make an effective decision toward the betterment of our community.  We will promptly review your submission and you will be contacted with a decision shortly. 

Download Donation Request form 

Yours in service,

The Kanela Family